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23 October 2006 @ 12:51 am
Hot damn, been 67 years since I wrote on here, good fucking lord. Anywho I suppose i'll make it short and sweet. Been Playing alot of d2 and more d2. And I've been working on alot of music too, witch is one reason I'm doing a little small update. Heres a little sample of something im working on and hopefully will be done over the next few days/ week. Its just a sample so there still needs alot of work to be done with it. For instances the channel volumes still arnt configured right and I cant seem to get them right at the moment, but I will. Anyways here ya go your dance/trance sample tune from me.

DJ KEP - Overcome (sample mix)
18 September 2006 @ 07:59 pm
T'is Music to my ears. Yes that be true, musical talent has been bestowed upon me.(Now if the power of spelling talent would be, I'd be set. >_>) So I've been doing a few musical things here and there, working on my bored time when I feel like it. I just wanted to make a little post, as to what I would like to add to this community in the future. So I'm not really sure when or whatnot, but maybe you'll be hearin some of my musical features some time down the road. As for now I hjave things to do, so toodly doodly do-do-do.
20 December 2005 @ 01:06 pm
Yay, I finally updated. Woohoo.

Yeah, okay. Anyway.

The community has a (sorta) new look to it. Yes, it's a default style and layout, but I'm extremely lazy and can't be bothered to much of anything at the moment. I have also updated my Resources, as well as sorting some of my tags, so those are nice and neat now. As of now, I don't think I'll be using tags anymore, except on certain posts (resources, other important updates, etc).

Finally, I have a new Photobucket account that is public, and everything is nice and categorized so that it's easy to find. You can access that account here. This is also linked to the community info page, taking the place of the always-defunct "Memories" link.

Now that all of that's out of the way, here's the actual icon update that should have been done two weeks ago. I know there aren't a whole lot here, but some of these are Christmas-ish, and with Christmas on Sunday, I needed to get them up. So, here we go.

[2] Winter Landscapes
[4] Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer (that "classic" version that everyone loves)
[2] A Christmas Story
[1] Metal Gear
[2] Advent Children
[4] Inuyasha
[5] Resident Evil 4

Such a tease:

ClickyCollapse )
Enjoy, or something. And Happy Christhanukkwanzaaregularday!
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09 December 2005 @ 02:14 am
For those that actually watch/care about this place, I've got a quick announcement to make.

I'm moving over to a new Photobucket account (sorta), and as a result, all old community entries will no longer be here. I think I've started developing a bit more as an iconer (is that even a word?), so all of the old icon entries will either be deleted or hidden, if possible.

I know it's against their rules, but I'll be using two Photobucket accounts for the "new" version of Sacred Pieces. The first account, which all of these icons are on, will be used for storage and posting purposes. The second one, which I am transferring all the good stuff to, will be used as a gallery of sorts. I'm leaving it open for people to look at, and the URL will be posted as soon as the transfer is completed. Everything is categorized (very specifically, I might add), so if there's something you're looking for, or if you just want to browse around, it'll be easy.

As of now, the only entries being saved from the chopping block are my resource posts and the one sprite update. Some icons will be transferred over in the move, but not very many of them. I think I have a total of maybe four or five icons that will survive the transfer, but we'll see.

I will also (hopefully) be doing a new layout. Something that looks slightly better than what I have now. And, with that, a new Sacred Pieces icon. More than likely, I'll just be using a default style, but we'll see how things work out.

I'm hoping to have everything completed by this weekend. Any suggestions for keepers/trashers, or anything else, let me know.
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28 October 2005 @ 01:52 am
Okay, the whole idea with this is...well, to give me ideas.

I'm starting to run out of subjects to iconize/spritify, so I could use some help. If you have a suggestion, just let me know right here, whether it's sprites, icons, colorbars (gulp), whatever...I could use the help.

I'll be linking my "suggestion box" to the community's user info page, so it can be found quickly if need-be.
28 October 2005 @ 01:51 am
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27 October 2005 @ 01:42 pm
Yeah, I updated quick. It's not my fault.

I "discovered" this great new "old photo" technique over at a community I frequently visit. I instantly fell in love (as you can see from my icon of the lovely Aya Brea), so I had to apply it to a set. Unfortunately, I couldn't find a good subject to use it on, so I settled for Final Fantasy VIII.

Yeah, I didn't know what the hell I was doing when I put the text on there. I still have all of the .psd files, so the text can be changed, so...yeah.

Anyway, here we go.

[10] Final Fantasy VIII


PhotographsCollapse )
I had really wanted to do the entire cast, but I couldn't find good caps of Ward, Kiros, Julia (they weren't even in any FMVs, were they?), Raine, and Cid. Oh, well...had to make-do.


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25 October 2005 @ 03:51 am
Let's see, I'm at icon update number three.

Tonight, I present Autumn/Halloween icons. Granted, they probably aren't very good, mostly because I was pretty irked when I made them (I've found that graphics are becoming my anger-outlet).

Fun fact: While I was creating the Autumn ones, my mom came up and watched me for awhile...she said I should go into photography or some type of graphic work. Good...bad...I dunno.

Fun fact #2: This "set" is not and will not be completed. The main reason being that it's already late in the season, and by the time I actually do finish everything, it'll be after Christmas.

Anyway, on with the icons.

[3] Autumn/Nature
[2] Silent Hill
[4] Legacy of Kain


Icons, ahoyCollapse )

Edit: Obviously, I don't know how to count. 1, 3, 4. Ha.
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19 October 2005 @ 02:21 pm
Here's my first (and probably only) sprite update (for awhile, anyway).

Halloween batch, considering the coming holiday and all. I'm not putting any descriptions with these, since I'm lazy and don't feel like it. Besides, if you can't figure out who/what they are, then you're probably a flipping moron (I'm so nice, I know).

OMG SO SCARYCollapse )

While I'm thinking about it, I'll consider requests, but I'm always lazy and may not get it done for...oh...a year or so.

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